Creative Process


The base for creating the collection 2021 – 2022 – 2023

In 2020, due to Covid-19 outbreak, the world had to face new challenges, while in 2021 it alligned to the long term impact of the pandemic, whose results inolved strongly the everyday routine. The house has become the place where the person defines himself, feeling safe and happy. Home is safety and expression of ourselves, but also vital space, to live lonely or to be shared with others.

Designers, product and sales managers work in the Trendcor Team in close contact with the surrounging world. The relations with operators from various sectors such as fashion, automotive and the network with furnishing companies lead the team to know the new trends before they can be translated into products. From this and the continous and deep speech with customers, the Trendcor team get inspired to create and sell innovative products, able to satisfy very quickly the demand of most markets.

Creative Process

Idea & Proposal

The Trendcor’s proposal for the collection 2022/2023 is the black. The colour of fashion for excellence with a long and fascinating History. Very ancient chromia, which together with red and white is part of the first three colours used by men in rock paintings.

Now it is present in every environment, in many forms and materials from fabrics to ceramics. Today, the black colour conveys the desire to return to simple and elegant things. The matching with various materials allows us to create customised furnishings characterised by modern, classic or elegant colour combinations.


If we think of red we immediately imagine fire, heat and passion. With violent brushstrokes, we also find it in the paintings of some of the greatest exponents of modern art, such as Munch and Van Gogh. It is a colour that seduces, attracts attention and conquers the sense but in its nuances, red can make the rooms of your home particular and original. If you want to add a soft and feminime touch to your environment, combine it with light and structured woods such as ash or with warmer and more classic woods like walnut. The presence of loose-weave fabrics with graphics and retro motifs is noteworthy.

Creative Process


Blue has always been a symbol of elegance and classicism. It adds depth and sophistication to your environment when combined with dark wood floors and walls, primarily oak and walnut. There is a strong presence of equally sophisticated materials, such as velvet and leather. The glamour of the decade is reviewd with luxurious accents through vintage mirrors, pillows and decorations that are proposed in contrast with super opaque materials and colours. It is still important and significant the presence of black elements that create exciting contrast.

Creative Process


Green is the colour usually associated with nature. Precisely for this reason, it has been somewhat inflated in recent years, as an emblem of everything related to green and eco-sustainability issues. Green is the symbol of nature, its balance and its beauty. Here we find the combination with light woods, even if more structured and slightly more rustic than seen in the RED world. The yarns are obviously natural and the materials are eco-sustainable and recyclable. We find patterns and colours that mention nature and those accompany us on a journey into the past, full of ethics and emotions.

Creative Process