Core Business


Passion for design

Society of B.U. Wood, Trendcor is headquartered in Frankfurt (Germany) and it is made of a team of professionists and passionate designers that have been working to give surfaces the deserved importance.

We are inspired by wood, marble and stones of any kind to create trendy decors and finishes. New and modern ideas contribute to the realization of exclusive and personalized collections.

Trendcor is the Saviola’s Design Centre, which is in charge for “dressing up” the ecological chipboard, the core product, with embelleshing elements that valorise the surface through drawings, solid colours and textures.

Creative & Sustainable

The raw material 100% recycled

Right here, the two souls of the melamine faced chipboard produced and distributed by Saviola converge: the creative component and the raw material 100% recycled.

Founded by the Group in 2000, Trendcor has a strategic position because it is in between commercial exchanges, ideal place for investing on innovation and internationalisation of the Group.

In the creative lab of Trendcor, the ideas come from several sources and experiences, which are materialised in an innovative product: the “personalisation” of the melamine faced chipboard occures on a constant contact with customers, making them part integrated of the creative process.

Core Business